QR Code Rules

With QR Codes becoming better known, their use in advertising is becoming more mainstream. To maximise the results from QR Code use, consider following these three QR Code rules.

These rules apply to the most common use of QR Codes - using them to link straight to a webpage.

1. Link to mobile-friendly content

QR Codes are designed for mobile phones, so be sure to test your content out on mobile devices first.

As phones have such small screen space, mobile optimised websites often benefit from a fairly linear layout, with compact navigation.

2. Short web address

The longer a web address is, the larger the QR Code will need to be. By using a shorter web address, the QR Code can be printed smaller, while including higher levels of error correction.

By using a URL shortener you can make any web address very short. Many of these services can also be used to track performance of QR Code use, although statistics are made public so may not be suitable for all campaigns.

3. Add value with a QR Code

QR Codes are great for offering interesting, exciting interaction to mobile users, so just think about what QR Codes add to your campaign.


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